Meditation and Visualisation: How the Silva Method Can Transform Your Life

Silva Method Meditation Visualisation

Meditation is an ancient practice of training or regulating one’s brain and includes efforts aimed at reaching an induced mental state. Meditation has been practiced around for centuries. No authority on the practice can claim to know precisely when humans started practicing meditation. However, the earliest documented records indicate that it was practiced by Hindus as early as 1500 BC. The Chinese and Japanese soon developed their own variations of the practice. Currently meditation has been embraced globally by many who have come to appreciate its various benefits to both physical and spiritual well being of an individual. The Silva Life System is perhaps one of the most successful guided programs of all.

In the modern stressful world, methods of effective relaxation and stress relief are in really short supply. Few techniques known to man can offer the inner peace that meditation offers. Techniques such as mindfulness have been adopted by mental health practitioners with stunning results. Due to the demands placed on us by life, we tend to lose awareness of our environment and become reduced to a semi robotic existence. Mindfulness helps restore self awareness. Another amazing meditation technique is the use of affirmations. Meditation with affirmations gives a deeply soothing feeling and restores optimistic thoughts to a troubled mind. The Silva Method seminars are an ideal way to hone these qualities and skills.

If you constantly feel bogged down by the ups and downs of life and there seems to be no respite in sight, you’re a prime candidate for meditation. Devoting anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours a day to meditation can drastically change the way you live. Finding your place of solitude and retreating to it as often as possible or whenever the need arises will always leave you with the sensation of peace and utter relaxation you so often crave for. Whether you practice religious or secular meditation, the sure thing is that you leave your sessions a revived and vibrant person.

The proven benefits of meditation are numerous. Although it will not eliminate all the pressures and strains of life, it will definitely go a long way in alleviating their negative effects in our lives. Due its soothing effects, meditation restores vibrancy and dynamism to your persona. Those who practice mindfulness based programs have consistently shown improved attentiveness and awareness. As a result, productivity increases and interpersonal relationships greatly improve. People struggling with addictions and mental disorders have also shown increased responsiveness to conventional treatment when mindfulness was included in their treatment.

Meditation has both physical and mental benefits. The proven physical benefits of meditation include lowered blood pressure, reduced ulcer activity, increased production of the hormone serotonin which leads to better moods and improved personal behavior, improved immunity amongst others. The mental health benefits of meditation are also numerous. They include improved insight, lower anxiety levels, improved clarity of thought and an overall feeling of well being and inner peace.

Meditation has been under scientific scrutiny for over fifty years now. In spite of the relentless research, precisely how we derive health benefits from meditation is not clearly understood to date. What is without doubt is that those who practice one form of meditation or another enjoy livelier and more serene lives than their counterparts who don’t. Adopt this life transforming practice and enjoy a better life.